5 Essentials for Every Bedroom

Next to your living room, the bedroom is perhaps the most important spot in your house. It’s the place where you start and end your day. It’s no wonder that it should be a place where your tranquility should be heavily protected and prioritized!

So if you’re in the process of setting up your bedroom and you’re at a loss on what to shop for, here are five of my personal must-haves that you can start with:

1. Color Palette

I personally love creams, golds, and warm silvers together. And here’s a tip that will help you choose the right combination of calming colors: Pick a hue in your favorite color that is relaxing to the eyes.

Let’s say you love purple and would very much like to incorporate that in your space. Choose from a range of purples and use different hues of purple to decorate the room.

This is called the monochromatic color scheme. To make sure that your room won’t look too busy, it’s best to use different variations and to not stray far from your chosen color.

2. Extra Seating

We all know how the bed is an important part of the room. That is why you should treat it with the care and respect it deserves. That means not sitting and lying down on it with the street clothes that you’ve been walking around in during the last few hours!

Always have a chair somewhere inside your bedroom to keep your bed clean. When you put your shoes on, you should not need to run back to your bed. When you come back from work, the bed should be the last thing you go to until you’ve cleaned up. Think of it as a reward after a long day!

3. Lighting

When choosing lighting for your room, remember that there are three types to consider:

· Overhead lighting – This is the light that is placed on your ceiling. It’s the brightest and the purpose is to illuminate the whole space.

· Desk lighting – Lighting that you can control easily. Keep the tranquility of your room by making sure you have light that you can easily turn on and off from your bed. I personally feel it’s more relaxing when I don’t need to stand up to access light. It also adds soft lighting to your room, giving you multiple options whenever you need to brighten up your space.

· Accent lighting – Last but not the least is your accent lighting such as candles, twinkling sconces, and fluorescent string lights. More than having another option to illuminate the space, they can also be used as an interesting décor.

4. Textures

I’ve said how opting for a monochromatic color scheme can help complete a room’s calming ambience… but how do you make things exciting if you’re just going to stick with one hue? The answer lies in the textures you’ve chosen for the space!

I enjoy mixing textures for my room. Velvet, faux fur, cotton sheets—you name it! It makes everything a tad bit more exciting even if the room’s colors aren’t changing. They don’t pull you away from the room’s calming and rich feel and can add more value to the overall look of your space.

5. Accessories

You can have all the bedroom essentials, but what adds fun and personality to your room are your accessories! Whether you like coffee table books, feminine touches or masculine décor, add accessories that makes YOU shine through your space.

Here are two of my favorite ways to accessorize a bedroom:

· Plants/Flowers – Adding greenery can help soften up the space. It balances out the “hard” or solid features such as your furniture. If you’re not as much of a green thumb as you’d like to be (also something that I struggle with!), opting for a faux flower setup can also be a good choice.

· Tray – This will help pull everything together and gives all your knick knacks some place to “live” in. It defines the space. Position some flowers or books on a tray and finish it off with a table scape is a good place to start. You can even have a mini bar in your room (why go anywhere to drink a cocktail?) to make everything all the more luxe and festive!

Think of your bedroom as your house’s main sanctuary. Start with the essentials, and remember to continuously find pieces that not only speaks of the room’s tranquility, but also of your style

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