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FTK- Mom Post Pandemic
Coping Kit Gift Bag

Can’t figure out what to give an admirable Mom (or governing parent)!? You see them working hard to keep that real life shit show to a minimum and you want to reward them the right way? Right?! We really get that, and we got you!!


HIM - Everything Gift Bag

Eddie Home Gift Bags are the perfect gift for HIM!! What handsome, supportive or inspiring man in your life wouldn’t be happy to receive a bag full of items they love, use often or need to use more? Exactly! Give HIM this Bag!! We have 2 amazing options to choose from!

$185.00 (starting price)

HOME - LifeUnstyled Gift Bag

Give the gift of HOME! Eddie Home Gift Bags are the perfect gift for anyone celebrating a new home, a new move or just a new reset!! Who doesn’t treasure a bag full of things they use and love for HOME!?


HER - I See You Girl! Gift Bag

Is it HER time to shine and you want your HER to know “I see you Girl!” Can’t figure out what to give HER? Well you’ve come to the right place cause – We got you!


Gift Bag Disclaimer: Items in our gift bags are high in demand and may change or discontinue at anytime depending on their availability. Please note that items may change in color, or something similar in style!

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