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Eddie Life Unstyled is one part of the Eddie Home + Life Unstyled brand. Get a taste of who Eddie’s is, gain a peek into her interior design creative process, and learn more about her advice on relationships, dating, and family.


How I’ve designed my own lifestyle
Life beyond interior design
Eddie Life Unstyled will give you a peek into my family life, the passions that drive me forward, and my thoughts on the things that make all these possible.

Start building a life that perfectly fits how you’ve always dreamed of styling it. Curate memories that make it all worthwhile.

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Get to Know Eddie!
Eddie Brumbaugh is the owner of Jackson Charles Design Studio, an interior design firm based in the Greater Atlanta Area, Georgia. Eddie Home and Life Unstyled is her own stylish space on the internet where she showcases her home décor and interior space designs, and her perspective on life, dating and family.


Add life to your interiors
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