3 Things Women Notice At Every Man’s House

Covid has caused a lot of shifts in the dating world. Many people are asking themselves: do we go to the movies? Do we go to a park? Where will both parties feel the safest? With most people taking precautions around going out in public spaces, the solution is now dating at home. The fact is people are getting a lot more comfortable and open to dating where they feel the most secure…their homes.

With that said, first impressions are everything. You can learn a lot about someone just based on how they keep a home. In this new era of dating, you’re probably finding yourself inviting the person you’re dating over a little sooner than you would have pre-covid. So, I had to make sure that my fellas out there were armed with the right knowledge when it comes to women’s expectations of the home (you’re welcome, ladies!).

I must say, personally, I would definitely prefer (and be super impressed) that anyone I end up dating in the future read this blog piece—that’s how crucial this information is.

Here are the top 3 things women notice when they enter a man’s house for the very first time.

1. Smells & Visuals

The first thing that will cross any woman’s mind when she steps foot into your home is: “Is it clean?” and “Does it smell good?” The answer should be Hell Yeah if you want her to ever come back. Make sure you stock up on things like candles, diffusers, incense, & linen sprays. Keeping a home clean can be tasking, but it doesn’t have to be. Just make sure that you are doing some light cleaning & organizing throughout the week. So when the time comes to host, you won’t be scrambling to get your home to an acceptable level of cleanliness.
Pro-Tip: About 30 minutes before she arrives, make sure to wipe down your surfaces and light a candle. The goal is to make sure that she doesn’t think you’re a slob because she may not come back.

2. Your Bathroom

A dirty bathroom is a deal-breaker. Period. As a woman, if I am at your house for the first time and 1. the toilet is not clean, 2. there’s no soap to clean my hands or 3. a way to dry my hands, or even worse, 4. I’m playing a game of “uh uh don’t touch that” while using your space, chances are I’m not coming back.

“As a woman, I don’t visit people whose bathrooms I can’t use. Period.”

I cannot stress this enough. Having a clean bathroom is so important, so much so that I made it its own category in this blog. Use the tips shared in #1 to make sure your bathroom stays fresh, clean, & inviting. Don’t miss out on something great because of this deal-breaker.

3. Your Dinnerware

If you want to impress a woman, focus on the little things. When you invite a woman over, you’re probably going to eventually offer her a drink—or if you really want to make a good impression—you’ll make her dinner. This leads me to my next point: please have matching dinnerware. Women notice EVERYTHING. Let’s run through a quick checklist: do you have matching silverware? Do you have matching plates? It may seem petty, or even insignificant, but the truth is: a woman is going to pay attention to the things you have in order. All of these things indicate effort. If you don’t do these things, it may translate to a woman as “he doesn’t bother with sh*t”, which isn’t very attractive or appealing.  What a woman looks for is a partner that has their things in order, why, so that they can be in order themselves.

Want even more brownie points?

Bonus Tip: Make a small gesture that shows that you’ve been paying attention. If she’s mentioned her favorite cocktail or wine, have that ready for her. Whatever she’s shared about herself, try to find a simple way to let her know that you heard her. Trust me, that small gesture will go a long way.

I hope these tips are helpful. Fellas, don’t be afraid to share this with a friend in need, and ladies, feel free to drop a hint!

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