Eddie’s Top Design Essentials

In my years as an interior designer, I found that I gravitate towards specific home décor items. Some of these became go-to design accent pieces for projects and some even made it to my clients’ favorite lists!

Here’s five of my favorite home décor items and how you can design a space with each piece:

1. Nicole Shag Rug

Add a layer to your room with an area rug. A thick high-pile shag rug that has a lustrous sheen to it brings texture to the room and adds depth. It gives so much energy to the space without you having to do a whole lot.

Whether your style is modern, glam or transitional, the Nicole Shag Rug will be able to adapt to your taste.

2. Mamba Chandelier Lighting

I love how much of a difference lighting can make in any room. It’s the sparkle in the air, adding energy and mood to a space to create a whole vibe. That’s why you can never go wrong with adding a layer of lighting. Check out overhead lighting or desk-level lighting, which is at human scale and can be easily controlled.

Accent lighting is also something to consider. Pieces such as sconces or a fancy candle in the room can also add atmosphere to what’s already there, but you won’t technically be able to see it if you only use that one item alone.

My favorite is the Mamba Chandelier. It’s transitional and has a mid-century modern style, but it also has a slight glam touch to it thanks to the brass accents.

3. Marble Tray

I love designing table scapes and I always use a tray to top it all off. It gives some depth and distinction between what I’m putting on the table and the actual surface of the table. A Marble Tray would make a perfect home décor item on a table top. It can be used when entertaining to serve food and wine. It can even be the centerpiece when you’re laying out your table scapes, topping it off with a cute little house plant. You also can’t go wrong with marble, and the soft leather handle makes the tray more unisex.

4. Bar Moments

Bar moments are something I get drawn to as I get older. If I have a client who often includes a cocktail or glass of wine with a meal, or they like to entertain every night, using home décor pieces that can make your personal home bar even more stylish is always a good idea!

It all depends on your lifestyle. I don’t drink a whole lot, but I love entertaining. Remember that when you design spaces, you are providing a moment or an opportunity to influence how people feel. My Stay Ready collection achieves exactly just this. If someone needs a drink, then you’re good to go to offer them a glass or two because it’s set up right there. A tray on top of the table is like an area rug in a room.

5. Proud Mary Mirror

Adding any type of reflection to a room can make it less flat and boring. This all depends on the type of client and sometimes I won’t always use a mirror. You can opt for any piece of furniture that has a reflective element to it instead. The boho-style Proud Mary Mirror is made out of Rafia and it’s 48-inches wide. If you need a mirror that makes a big impact because you don’t have a lot of things going on your wall, or you want to add some texture, this home décor item gives you all of that.

If you’d like to buy one (or all!) of these items, make sure to drop by my online store here!

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